Poker Variations That Perhaps You Have Never Played Before  


Poker is one of the most popular game in the world and over the years it has undergone many different additions. As the new variation becomes popular, people forget about the older versions. During last 10 years, it has really caught the imagination of people all across the world and people are really enjoying as some new version of the game appears in the market.

Here in this write up we shall take up three of the popular variations of this game. These games can also be seen in the situs poker online which is called in English “online poker sites”. Some of these variations of poker may not been played by you.

  • Omaha

This game is very similar to Texas Hold’em and considered to be the second most popular variation of the poker game. The game starts with blinds and after different round of betting cards are served.

There are so many hands and so many bigger and smaller hands are played and the game offers lots of fun element. You have two cards in your hand while other three cards you have to pick from board.

Most of the game is played by using pot limit betting. So, you are not going to be blown off and that makes the game more exciting. Pot can be split between best low hand and best high hand.

  • Stud

Before Limit Hold’em came into prominence this game was quite popular among the poker game players. It is played with 5 cards with 7 card-stud. Here there is no blind card and every player has to contribute to the pot before 2-hole card with face down.

After each betting, more cards are dealt whose hands are remaining. Who makes the best five card hand will be considered a winner.

The online version of this game is more popular as it is known as limit betting game.

  • Five-card draw

This is another straightforward poker game which has been popularized by films and TV. Here blinds are placed and each player is served with five cards. After betting the players are allowed to discard cards and replace it with new card.  Thereafter another betting takes place.

In movies they will make you believe as if you are trying the read the card of your opponent and in online game, you have to create a strategy so that it becomes profitable to you.